Oh, hello.

I’m Jesse Butts: a writer, content strategist, and marketing consultant who loves coaching fellow writers on the business of content.

Let’s chat

What I do

Most of my working hours are devoted to a growing roster of B2B (business-to-business) clients through my company Calque Marketing. I provide:

Strategic and consulting work

  • Content strategy development
  • Content team consulting: assembling the people, processes, and plans to ensure content achieves measurable business goals
  • Digital marketing consulting
  • Branding and messaging

Writing projects

  • Long-form articles and blog posts
  • Copywriting
  • Case studies
  • Social media content

I also help writers find careers (and salaries) they’ll be proud of, whether in-house or freelance. I’ve done both, and I’ve hired for both.

And when I’m not building clients’ businesses through content or coaching writers, I’m re-kindling my own interest in fiction and creative essays. It’s been far too long since my last creative publication.

How I can help you or your team

Tell me what you’re looking for. We’ll set up time to chat if it looks like a good fit.

My schedule is usually booked solid a couple months in advance.

One thing you should know right off the bat: I’m not cheap. In fact, I’m what some might call expensive.

And every client will tell you they got what they paid for—and then some.

A bit about me

I’d love to tell you I’ve been a raconteur since pre-school. But that’s not remotely true.

The combo of a keen comp instructor and charismatic lit professor my freshman year sparked my passion for writing and reading. Nearly 20 years later, it hasn’t extinguished.

Not long after undergrad, I completed a master’s in writing degree at DePaul University. At the same time I was learning the ropes of copywriting and content while working as a marketing communications specialist.

I spent 13 years in full-time roles across software, medical device, and publishing companies. In 2019 I struck out on my own to found Calque Marketing and revisit my own writing projects.

My creative writing, storytelling, marketing content, and leadership experience give me a unique perspective on every project.