Oh, hello.

I’m Jesse Butts: a writer, content strategist, and marketing consultant who loves helping other writers navigate the business of content.

Let’s chat

What I do

Most of my working hours are devoted to a growing roster of B2B (business-to-business) clients through my company Calque Marketing. I provide:

Strategic and consulting work

  • Content strategy development
  • Content team consulting and leadership
  • Branding and messaging
  • Digital marketing (mainly web) consulting

Content creation

  • Long-form articles and blog posts
  • Copywriting
  • White papers
  • Case studies

I also help writers find careers (and salaries) they’ll be proud of, whether in-house or freelance. I’ve done both, and I’ve hired for both.

And when I’m not building clients’ businesses through content projects or coaching fellow writers, I’m rekindling my own interest in fiction and creative essays. It’s been far too long since my last artistic publication.

How I can help you or your team

Tell me what you’re looking for. We’ll set up a time to chat if it feels like a good fit.

My schedule is usually booked solid a couple months in advance.

One thing you should know right off the bat: I’m not cheap. In fact, I’m what some might call expensive.

And every client will tell you they got what they paid for—and then some.

My media appearances

Check out my thoughts on writing, content, and career paths.

A bit about me

I’d love to tell you I’ve been a raconteur since preschool. But that’s not remotely true.

Two wonderful, kind professors my freshman year sparked my passion for writing and reading. And, as they say, I never looked back.

Not long after undergrad, I earned an MA in writing at DePaul University. At the same time, I was learning the ropes of copywriting and content as a marketing communications specialist.

Over the next 13 years (to be precise), I worked my way up in full-time roles across software, medical device, and publishing companies. Yet the itch to strike out on my own never subsided.

In 2019 I did something about it. Founding Calque Marketing has given me the freedom to do my best work and revisit my own writing projects.

My creative writing, storytelling, marketing content, and leadership experience give me a unique perspective on every project.